Build your own e-learning courses

Course building for employee or customer training

Turn HTML-based content into a fully functional SCORM course, no expensive software required. Retain full control of the code and functionality while ensuring your course works in every major learning management system.

Course (and portal) building for self-publishing entrepreneurs

Want more control than all-in-one services like Kajabi or Podia will give you? Create your own portal using a combination of open-source platforms and paid add-ons.

No vendor lock-in

Control every aspect of your courses

Your courses can be as simple or complex as you like.


Most JavaScript-based interactions, including jQuery plugins, can be easily incorporated into your course.


Full control of the code means you’ll be able to ensure the course remains accessible (hint: HTML is accessible by default, it’s up to you to keep it that way).

Visually appealing

Your courses can be tailored to utilize your company’s branding and visual style.

E-learning development options are overwhelming. I’m here to you help you sort them out.

My name is Philip Hutchison, developer of the pipwerks SCORM Wrapper and PDFObject. I’ve been hand-building e-learning courses for about twenty years.

I’ve watched online education blossom over the last decade, and the demand for online training continues to boom. There are many wonderful course publishing options available today that didn’t exist just five or ten years ago.

Unfortunately, the sheer number of options can be overwhelming for people who are new to course building — there are dozens of ways to build courses and training portals. Some very expensive, and some completely free. Some geared towards corporate compliance training, some geared towards the content creator self-publishing market. was built to help course developers find their sweet spot, whether it’s rolling their own courses, or finding an existing tool or service that fits their needs and budget.

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